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Calling all Duck Shooters

Maybe your barrels weren’t quite as hot as they should have been at the maimai last year and the tally was down?  Get your duck shooting teams to The Bunkers this season to hone your skills and ensure a better success rate this year at our pre season duck shooter events.

Take aim with the latest Beretta at our range of targets from simulated Duck to Driven Pheasant and Grouse. 

Get your team of five together for either a morning or afternoon shoot followed by a stunning game meal and story telling around the table.  What goes on tour stays on tour!

Click here for more information then email or call  to book your spot ASAP!

The all new BMW X5 release!

We couldn’t be more excited about the beautiful new BMW X5 which was launched last Friday by our good friends at Jeff Gray BMW.

This incredible worldwide launchfilm was shot right here in New Zealand